Ollie’s Super Powers 👾

“The world needs all kinds of heroes.”  -Worm in Diary of a Spider

  1. Flying (on the trampoline)
  2. Speed (on my scooter)
  3. Listening in school
  4. Good at wrapping presents
  5. Fighting bad monsters from outer space
  6. Spending time with family and friends
  7. Math
  8. Dragon fighting
  9. Sleeping through the night
  10. Read aloud listening

2 thoughts on “Ollie’s Super Powers 👾

  1. 11. Talking loudly for Great-Gramma
    12. Driving safely on dune buggy
    13. Hugging like he means it
    14. Exploring the woods
    15. Able to leap a pile of leaves
    16. Building all sorts of Lego things

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