Our days here have been jam-packed…with swimming and trampolining and roasting marshmallows but can you guess what has been missing?  Sleep.  So instead of blogging, I’m going to go read and zzz.

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Oh, Silicon Valley, I sure do miss you sometimes.  You can feel the bubbling innovation when you are here.  All the New, New Things.  We tried munchery.com tonight.  Everyone agreed to a two thumbs up.

We ordered what we wanted from today’s selections and waited for our chef-made dinners to arrive.  Totally affordable and scrumptious!  I wish it was available back home; we would definitely take advantage of the service!

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Sink or swim


Swimming started before 10 this morning. In fact, the picture of Em jumping to Lily was taken at 9:30. The only break Lily and Ollie had was for lunch.  They took dessert in the water. It is 3:45 now and they only just got dressed in dry clothes. Then they took off for the trampoline. 

Tomorrow a record high for this time of year: 82*. I suspect they will all sleep well tonight and be at it again early tomorrow😃🏊

That Day I Lost Emmy


Or, A Huge Case of Mommy Brain…

We arrived at Airport #1 yesterday.  We unloaded.  We tried to make sure we had all our stuff before the Super Shuttle took its leave.  In the hustle of counting off bags, kids, and strollers, I was struck with a wave of great fear and adrenaline as I tried to find Emmy. Where was she?  Oh my god, did she wander into the drop off lane?  Who was in charge of her?


I was holding her.  Yes.  You read that right.  I was holding the child I was frantic to find.

And so our trip began…


We just were gifted a huge box of picture books from a neighbor.  And the first thing Ollie did when he got inside?  Even with friends over to play?  Plucked one off the shelf and sat down to look at the pictures.  Then he asked a neighbor, Danny, 11, to read it to him.  We sure do love reading!