Photog RoundUp


Using our new gardening tools to plant our first pansies of the season




Afternoon or evening walks are happening more.


Playing outside and eating popsicles takes precedence over napping.


She is one speedy crawler, skootcher, and stander. I look down when I am cooking dinner-and there she is!


Bulbs are everywhere!


Ollie playing hide and seek. I know. Hard to see him. Of course, he has something to eat in his hand!


This is their newly cleared of debris clubhouse.


Skippy the Kangaroo visiting from Euro Academy and, Australia, originally.


Fro Yo is our new favorite treat!


More swinging!

IMG_2335 IMG_2337 IMG_2344

Definition of a Date

We are playing with neighbors today. It is sunny and wonderful and Sunday afternoon so everyone is outside. Lily just told Danny that they were going on a date. I asked her what a date is. Her reply:
“It is when you eat cake and cupcakes. You have chicken and rice and also pork.”
So there you have it.


And a one-a, And a two-a

Emmeline is on the go, man.  8 months old and she is crawling, skootching, and standing up. She is also beginning to feed herself (the only way she will be fed with 3 little Wees!).  Yesterday I gave Emmy a feedbag of spinach, pear and peas, some puffs and a couple of creamies.  She was completely happy and very, very messy!


Dear Lord

Please grant me the patience and strength to parent this one today:  he of little sleep overnight and much, too, too much peanut butter on his little body.  Please allow me to be in as many places as I need to be to remain sane:  both upstairs nursing Emmy to a nap and downstairs feeding Ollie his never-ending snacks.  Lord, I ask this of you so that I can be the best mother in the world.



PB:  Unsupervised.

PB: Unsupervised.

Sunshine! Spring!


IMG_2192 IMG_2187 IMG_2190 IMG_2186 IMG_2189 IMG_2185 IMG_2188 IMG_2191Our day was full of playing outside, blowing some bubbles, moving rocks from the garden and enough running around to exhaust two big kids.  It was a good day!  Thank you to the sun for making it a full day affair!!  We have missed you…