You Know You Are a Grownup

when the most thrilling news you get in your day is this:

Our house has a HUMIDIFIER!!!!!!!  Yay!  Next winter we will cozy and comfy and not dry 🙂  This news made my day!

We have been here almost exactly a year.  Here is Ollie last summer:

IMG_1098More hair and more height but still playing with trucks and dirt.  Happy Tuesday!



Bedtime remains a challenge.  Ollie has been off the naps this week.  Lily somehow sneaks down to gather supplies for her “projects” (last night it involved markers and books and perfume).  But since it is light later we all seem to have more energy.  I wish she would get more sleep ; I hold out hope that she will one day.  We worked on things this morning, and by the time lunch was over we all were in the mood for a reward…enter Brusters.  (Kids, in another, longer, more concentrated on post I will tell you the love story of your parents in which Brusters plays a role.  Just know that it is a special place:-)  Ice cream for everyone, then home again for more playing and mowing the lawn.  Now big kids are outside running around with the neighborhood, hopefully wearing themselves out.  Ollie doesn’t have any pants on but he IS wearing Lily’s red boots.  Lily, of course, is wearing a swimsuit.  So today I am thankful for:

1.  Having a great love story to tell our kids.

2.  Ice Cream

3.  Beautiful, sunny, bright, heavenly days

4.  MixBit 🙂

5.  Card games:  Lily got a set of 4 for her birthday and they are great.  We like playing before “bed”

6.  Bedtime–eventually!

IMG_2455 IMG_2457

At Least…

She didn’t swallow the live stinkbug that I found in her mouth yesterday.  Help me, Rhonda.  She is so speedy and so independent.  And so mouthy.

Naked Emmy


Our bird feeder is jumping. And Lily and Ollie are competent little bird watchers and namers. Mostly we see cardinals, blue jays, mourning doves and an occasional chipmunk. Today Lily asked about mourning doves–if the boy looks different than the girl. I told her I wasn’t sure, that I hadn’t noticed a difference. She said that she was pretty sure the girl doves are the same as the boys, just with eyelashes.  Mourning Doves

Happy Mother’s Day


Today I’m grateful for the girl (and boy and girl) who made me a Momma. It has challenged me like nothing else. Some days it feels like I can make sense of motherhood and some days I don’t even want to because that would take away some of the magic. I’m blessed beyond what I ever imagined.

*I got breakfast made for me and lunch out and a relaxing day. It was perfect! Thank you, Sam, Lily, Ollie and Em!*

Vulnerability, Shame, Joy and Gratitude

Do not be afraid….this is not a downer post. I’ve been missing my blog writing but the beautiful spring weather has kept us outside and when we do eventually come in (with all the ticks of the world following us inside), there’s meals to prepare, baths to give, books to read and HBO series to watch. No wonder I haven’t been on here. However, we have been doing some good things: planting butterfly gardens, digging in mulch, preparing for our yard sale, reading good books and going to church! Specifically I’ve been reading Daring Greatly by Brene Brown. It is pretty deep and I have been learning a lot….why we are a people more stressed out and numbed out than any group ever to have lived before. And what that stress reaction is doing to ourselves, our relationships and children. Not good stuff but what we can do is learn, re-learn, maybe?, how to be vulnerable and open. A terribly hard thing to do in a society bent on bullying, gossip, and one-ups-manship. So, for my kids and our family, I’m getting back on the gratitude train. And I haven’t decided where I’ll keep all my ramblings-whether here or a journal but thought I would share some things I’m grateful for today:

-Sam getting my coffee for me this morning with just the right amount of cream.
-2 of 3 kids going to gymnastics and haircuts.
-having time to make my way through clothes to be donated, consigned or just put away for another season.
-a rainy day to relax inside and let the grass grow.
-cuddly, clean, healthy kids.
-dar Williams on the radio.

That is all! Have a great Saturday! Xo