Losing my Mind

Afternoon right before dinner. 

A little whine about being hungry. 

Given choices she did not want. 

Fruit, apple, cheese stick?

No.  Harrumph. 


What would you like? Fruit, apple or cheese stick?

Momma!  You made me lost my mind!  

You can’t remember your decision. 

No!  You made me lost my mind!

(She chose a cheese stick.)

This and That

Emmy and I are in love with a new book called Birdsong. She snuggled up to read it over and over again today.

Ollie blew the biggest bubbles from bubble gum-even if it wasn’t the exact kind her was after.

Lily got her ears pierced.  Sam said she took much time to choose the perfect pair of earrings.  A deliberate study and choice of jewelry.  That’s Lily!

It rained all day but it was actually a welcome change from the past week!  We read and played and did art and snacked and all the good stuff.  


My little blog was just given some love on probably the most popular homeschool blog out there: Simple Homeschool! I made the Weekend Links! I’m going a little bonkers over here!!!!
Simple Homeschool



He finally lost the tooth that has been wiggly since CA. Although Grampa just arrived back in PA, O will not be getting the Grampa+ Tooth Fairy loot. He will just have to try for the next one to fall out with more perfected timingπŸ˜πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ˜

Sick much?

I’m not going to say we are in the clear but we are headed in the right direction. A week later and no one is fevered or throwing up or doing any other sickness related things.  Except for Emmy.  Now she is sniffling and being super sleepy.  Maybe a few rain days will do us some good.  Low key, quiet, solitary.  

Nature: Spring Surprises

Today we drove over to Sewickley to visit the Fern Hollow Nature Center.  What was in store for the kids?  Spring Surprises. 

For two hours, all three kids went on a guided nature walk, identifying plants, animals and insects that show spring has arrived.  They made chromatography flowers and build birds nests. 

We are signed up for the next class, a herpetological nighttime walk and a fishing day. It is a very cool place and we are looking forward to returning in a few weeks!