I’m Back!

Sheesh–It has been almost a full month of sickness around here.  Emmy started medicine for an ear infection on December 7th, after having a cold for a week.  She has recovered and no complaints of pain but she is still in need of solid sleep.  Ollie is on his way to recovery; only a cough remains for him.  Today was the first day I woke up and felt like I might be getting better and save for a cold and the need for sinus medicine, I think I will be okay from here.  No terrible coughing fits, awful headaches, and lethargy.  However, today was the first day that poor Lily woke up with red eyes and fever and a severe cough; Sam also has the beginnings of a sore throat and sinus cold.  So we aren’t out of the woods yet but at least only one adult went down at a time!  Whew.

In spite of the sickness, in a weird way, it was an enjoyable week.  Completely low-key with lots of tv and movies and me sitting around more than I have in years.  We read lots of books and played most of our new games.  And we did it all without anyone else.  I needed a break and although it took feeling terrible to get it, I got one.

And now we move on to 2016…before I start going on about what worked in 2015 and what I am looking forward to in 2015, I thought a look back at the blog stats would be fun.  Here’s the link if you want to check it out:

Annual Report: 3littlewees

Looks like I got 354 blog post in 2015 but I started blogging DAILY on January 7, 2015, so if I blog each day from now until then, I will have 362 total blog posts for the year of daily blogging!  Pretty incredible!  I can hardly believe it.  Although I missed some days, I made up many posts by doubling up on other days…and the past few days when I was out sick, well, I guess those were made up, too.  I’m pretty darn impressed with myself!  So-see you tomorrow in 2016.  I’ll share my word of the year (ahem-because I am still deciding between a slew of them!).  BTW, FYI, last year’s word was EXPLORE and I think I accomplished that in both big and little ways.



This is how we spent our day {after a run to the doctor’s office}:

Oh–don’t you see?

Ollie fell asleep under the couch cushion. Good hiding spot. Soup for dinner then medicine then bed {again}. 

Escape from Jakku

Sam and I got to slip out this afternoon to catch the new Star Wars and it was such a great afternoon!  How lucky are kids who get to have this movie as “their” Star Wars instead of those ridiculous pre-original ones with little Anakin.  It lived up to hype {that I hear it is getting…because I had no idea😳}.  Walking into a house warmed with the spices and work of winter chicken chili from the kids’ new Rad*dish subscription and peppermint stick ice cream for dessert?  Lucky us!

To Do

Lily told me that she is taking the next few days off…so don’t expect her to clean her room.  I asked-“Well, what about me?” and she thought, hmmm, she could clean up the fish food that was on the floor for me and that I could have a vacation, too.


I’ll start that after I grocery shop, wrap presents, make meals, bake cookies for Santa, go out on a date :-), and, whew, I guess that is it!

All things I am looking forward to, so bonus that I get some time off to relax and enjoy.

Santa’s Bag

All full and ready to be wrapped!  Nothing here to do but relax and enjoy the next few weeks.  I’m getting pretty excited for the good food, fun toys, cozy reading and playing coming.