Naptime Project

Let’s see if Sam notices.  I know Lily will when she gets home {little escapes her attention!}.  Just a little trial run for the color I would like the entry, foyer, and kitchen to be.  So far it is looking great-a nice cafe au lait. {official name:  Churchhill Hotel Maple} Even though it is snowing outside, I am feeling energized!  Woo Hoo!  Naptime!

IMG_2137 IMG_2139 IMG_2141

All for One, One for All

Three Wees = Three Pieces of News:

Wee#1:  {as posted by Sam on FB}  Daughter singing into the fan in our bedroom to hear her voice changing…making up lyrics as she goes along:

Havin’ a hard time with my mom…I said ‘Dada’, come play with me…I love you so much…yeah… {in the style of Janis or Sheryl)

Wee#2:  Put a vaseline-like ointment in his hair thinking it was Sam’s stuff.  Another night of a hot bath and multiple washes in his future.  Red stamp pad all over hands-and face-and counter-and clothes-and one and on and on.  Arts and crafts and dinner prep are not making friends.

Wee#3:  Cutting teeth.  One has come thru, the other is on its way.  Little sleep.  Much drool. But really, really cute!

Just About Me

This isn’t some report about the kids.  Its all about me today.  Because no one took naps today (not even Miss Emmeline), there were some tantrums and crying (none of which was Sam or me) and now two out of three are still up there making noise.  Both girls.  But I am ignoring them like a modern day mom.  Because this is all about me…

So I was changing Em today and I started singing to her {this}

And it got me thinking.  Of all the gifts my parents gave us, one that I am very thankful for is that they let us stay up to watch Saturday Night Live.  So that even if we were fighting or the boys were in a terrible teasing mode {or I was in one of my pleasant teenage girl moods}, we could always fall back on recreating one of the skits during dinner.  And after all this time, it still never gets old!  I want to be able to give my kids something like that-a shared language/memories-that allow them to know they belong to the same clan.

I guess that’s all.  I set out to have a great long philosophical entry but I kinda just want to watch the season finale of Downton Abbey now.  I will leave you with this…it reminds me of  high school dances, college parties and single girl nights.

Hunting Creatures

One of the things I like best about my kids at this age is their ability to really play together.  After many years of high-impact (re:baby and young toddler) parenting, to be able to leave them alone to figure out what to play and just listen for screaming or read quietly while they amuse themselves, well, its pretty cool.  And makes for amusing anecdotes!


Today, for example, after snack, the big kids ended up piling all the couch cushions on the floor.  First it served as an obstacle course and ever-higher-jumping practice.  Then it morphed into an imaginary game of Hunting Creatures.  Lily was the Mommy Possum and Ollie was her baby.  They needed to find food.  Then there came a wolf.  Uh oh, better hide a little.  Then they decided to be the predators and Emmy was the prey.  Both crawled up to us, Lily the lead animal, and warned us, “If that baby is still out at night, we are coming back to eat her.”  When night fell, there they were, ready to nibble on their sister-and me.  Fun–and it nearly lasted 25 minutes!

Here’s another fun story.   Ollie is getting potty-trained…by his big sister.  He is finding success which is impressing us.  We even talked about how if you become Prince of the Potty that you get to wear underwear.  “Daddy wears underwear.  Grampa wears underwear.  Even my friend Max wears underwear.” {Prince of the Potty book}  Except, dear readers, here’s too much information but I want to remember this-it is funny.  Except, Lily argued:  Boys don’t wear underwear.  Why would she believe such a thing?  Hmmm, I wonder.  She is one observant little chickadee 🙂

And, finally, Miss Emmeline is 6 months old today.  Sheesh, girl, would you stop growing?? How did this happen?  I remember posting her 12 week slideshow on here and it feels like just last week.  If it weren’t for the weather, I could hardly believe she has been here since August…and its already the end of February.  She is skooching around, backward and lifting herself up into plank position.  Crawling probably isn’t too far behind.  I think she has two little teeth coming in, too.

Dinner Out

This is a short post to remind me to write a detailed one tomorrow when I have a little more energy.  Went to dinner and ended up at Chick-Fil-A (“my FAVORITE!”, says Lily).  Some funny things Sam overheard her say in the playspace.  As a teaser, as we left, she said she was soooo glad she met Celeste…and they would be friends FOREVER!!

Sun Streaming Thru the Window


My favorite Wee baby girl and I are sitting in the kitchen while the 2 bigger Wees watch something.  She is enjoying some pureed pears…that makes her fourth food trial.  Bananas, apples, sweet potatoes, and pears.  Emmeline gets more round, more talkative, more independent each day.  That she is sitting and amusing herself is both terribly awesome and terribly terrible.  Its has happened each time with each baby; that moment you realize how fast time has flown and how you can’t do anything about it–the growing up.  {sigh}  Especially with this girl since there is tons going on all around her with two bigs and because she is my last baby.  She is such a love, though, and so chubby and cuddly and, quite frankly, delightful.  Even in the middle of the night with her hoarse little cry that I try to ignore.