Bow-legged, belly leading

She peeks around a corner, certain she will find what she is looking for.
This little peanut of a girl really knows how to charm.
Sociable and babbling away.
Head down and buried-her response to frustration or play.
Giggling at the big kids.
Louder than most and intends to be noticed.
Doesn’t she know all eyes are already on her?

Sun Streaming Thru the Window


My favorite Wee baby girl and I are sitting in the kitchen while the 2 bigger Wees watch something.  She is enjoying some pureed pears…that makes her fourth food trial.  Bananas, apples, sweet potatoes, and pears.  Emmeline gets more round, more talkative, more independent each day.  That she is sitting and amusing herself is both terribly awesome and terribly terrible.  Its has happened each time with each baby; that moment you realize how fast time has flown and how you can’t do anything about it–the growing up.  {sigh}  Especially with this girl since there is tons going on all around her with two bigs and because she is my last baby.  She is such a love, though, and so chubby and cuddly and, quite frankly, delightful.  Even in the middle of the night with her hoarse little cry that I try to ignore.   

Bananas and the Dirty Sock

No-that’s not the name of our family band.  Nor the story of how I feel after a couple of mornings of two hour delays.  I’ve been gone from here for nearly a month (!!!) and Emmeline Meredith is now 5 MONTHS OLD!  That means she can start trying food!  Its a very exciting step for a Wee…and our current pediatrician told me that she could try any first food-it didn’t have to be a rice cereal.  Yay for adventure!  A week or two ago she tried sweet potatoes.  By try, I mean I put a spoonful up to her mouth and her little tongue barely touched it and she gave me a face like, “Are you crazy woman???  This is horrible!”.  So I didn’t try again until today (not because I totally lost track of the goal or forgot to feed her food or found it much easier to just let her nurse….no, no, no, I’m on top of things, people!)

But today it seemed like a perfect day for baby foods.  I whipped up our spaghetti sauce and she hung out in the Bumbo on the counter (even though they are outlawed or recalled or something now).  Suddenly I remembered that we had both very soft bananas and new teething thingy things.  My dad calls them dirty socks.  And so, may I present to you, live from Gibsonia, Emmy, the Banana, and the Dirty Sock:

Evolution of a Smile

Snug As A Bug

Oliver, sleeper in Big Boy Bed, is not sleeping well these days. Naps consist mostly of playing with Legos, stripping off clothes and yelling down to me to come get him. Today was the third fourth day in a row of no nap so we played at home and then, because he needed new sneaks, took a trip to Target. Since we had time, I thought it would be fun to stop at the playground to try out those shoes to see of they are fast.
Wouldn’t you know, the little guy is sound asleep in the backseat. I’m thankful he is catching up on his rest…would it be weird to catch a catnap here in the car, too??


Three Months and A Day

So this was supposed to be yesterday’s post but I didn’t get to it.

Emmeline Meredith is 3 MONTHS {and a day} OLD today!!  It has been a wonderful three month experience with her.  Virtually no newborn baby drama; she is happy to be toted from here to there and plopped anywhere she must be in order to care for the other two.  Either it is her temperament, my worn-in mommy skills, or that I am too busy to notice but she just seems like a breeze of a baby girl, don’t you think?

Easy, sleepy, go with the flow…that’s my baby {#3}!