Morning Gratitude

Having just discovered some research on gratitude, that people who started their day reflecting on their appreciations felt more grateful at the end of the day than those people who don’t start their day that way…I thought, why not?

I’m appreciating:

  1. Texture magazine app–I can read all.the.magazines, save and clip and just enjoy, without having to pick any up at the grocery store.  I love magazzines and used to be able to download them through the library but this is even better. A true treat for summertime.
  2. Harry Potter–After years of wanting to read it to Lily, she finally picked up book 1 last week and is reading it to herself.  The illustrated copy comes today so maybe Ollie and Emmy can enjoy it with her.
  3. Low humidity–Yesterday (well, all weeknd) was all about gardening.  Trimming hedges, hacking away at shrubs, moving things around. And since it was so beautiful outside, it was pleasant and easy going.  
  4. Library days–Time to go to the library today! Emmy wants her own card since she got one in Avalon…so that will be one of our fun things to do while the other kids are at camp this week.
  5. Camp–Speaking of, Ollie and Lily are loving camp.  No surprise since every day includes games in the gym like dodgeball and Infection, a craft and soccer or something outside.  And sometimes popsicles. 

Happy last Monday of June!

One Liners

Summer!  Camp and all those appointments and chores you never get to otherwise.  When we went to the dentist the other day, I attempted a full sweep through all four of us in one block of time. Whew. It went smoothly and although everybody needs to floss more (of course), there were no cavities or other issues. However, when asked why he didn’t brush his teeth before he got to the dentist (and, yes, he was asked, encouraged and finally told to do it) his answer?

“I was so distracted by my handsomeness that I just forgot.”

And so. Ollie. Gosh. I can’t make these things up. 

He also had a big day and lost a tooth as camp was ending. Tooth fairy was notified.