GrateFULL Happy Thanksgiving 2011

I am counting my blessings!  Everyone just left after a meal that stuffed us-great wine from Brent and Jessica, a ton of help and other minutiae from Mom and Dad, an energized Gramma Hughes who is already looking forward to next year, and my little family that cooperated with my decor and design plans.  

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things. – by Robert Brault 

With that quote as my guide, here’s just a sampling of what I am grateful for…and this is just for today!

  • a husband who wakes me up in the middle of the night
  • my wonderful and (sometimes) unruly daughter whose energy is never-ending and silliness makes me laugh in spite of myself 
  • my ever-smiley son, the charming little man who is babbling and pointing to communicate his needs and desires
  • a sewing machine
  • a sewing machine guide
  • brief moments in the day I find to create
  • fall colors–leaves, skies, fabrics and food
  • Draegers Market
  • pumpkin spice coffee that I can still smell even though I brewed it this morning
  • a mom who offers to play all day with my kids, who wears outrageous clothing combos and looks absolutely fabulous, who finds time to help in any situation
  • a husband who patiently works behind the scenes to get children cleaned or clothed or put somewhere safely
  • a dad who feeds my children far too much sugar and shares far too many videos because he can because he’s the grampa
  • a grandma who remains sharp and stylish and forever curious-there’s always something to talk about with her!
  • a brother who makes time to visit and play.  He’s just a tremendously thoughtful guy.
  • and he has a quality lady-friend.  Jessica is such a smart and positive person.  She’s the kind of person who brings sunshine to a room.
  • mashed potatoes
  • family — all of them, near and far.  I am so grateful for such great people to love.
  • Mags, my faithful dog, Ollie’s favorite playmate
  • magazines
  • quiet time in the early morning to read those magazines
  • bedtime
  • Christmas music playing in the background…all the time
  • my bff, Twitter and texting
  • a comfortable and roomy home to gather family into 
  • the Interweb
  • a Protestant work ethic
  • new ideas and dreams
  • my bed-I literally sigh with delight when I turn off the light and get under the covers
  • my little family of precious souls
I could keep going.  I’m not going to because I really, really want to go to bed.  Photos will come tomorrow he when I have tenergy.  Goodnight all!  xo

Picture Day!

From these photos you would never guess that yesterday we were at the doctor’s being diagnosed with ear infections.  Thankfully I took Ollie along to Lily’s appointment. Her preschool called about an hour after she arrived;she was complaining that her ear hurt.  Both kids battled colds and ran fevers early in the weekend but I just thought it was running its course.  When the doc took a look at Lily’s ears and then noticed Ollie’s reddish, goopy eyes, he prescribed some antibiotics for both little people.  Neither really showed they were in any pain….they were just awfully lethargic and a little cranky.  Today, though, they are definitely on the mend!  And it was Picture Day at school.  Lily wore an outfit sent to her from Aunt Susie in Italy.  When else can you wear a peter pan collar with a cute apron overlay?  We took advantage!

Ollie’s new favorite activity:  climbing on the chair.  He understands when you insist he sit on his bottom.

Playing…November 8th

These two seem to be getting to the age where they have started to amuse each other.  On this night, they thought it was hilarious to run around after each other and Maggie,  jump on the couch, and take Ollie on a ride.  Its really fun to watch them develop a new kind of relationship!  The laughing and directions from Lily to Oliver are pretty great, too.


Holy Cat and Duckie–They are Cute!

What a FABULOUS Halloween!

Hobart Street had a little get-together starting at 5 for all families.  Pizza, goodies, piñata and lots and lots of costumes-kids and adults.  Lily got a good couple of swings at the piñata but had less luck getting anything from it as the big kids were a little bit faster.  She did manage to get a couple of tattoos and a nice eyeball ring she gave to me.  🙂  She and Sam set off going house to house and Ollie and I headed back across the street to hand out candy and go to sleep.  
At one point, there was such a din coming from our street it was like we lived in the middle of a city.  Seriously.  There were tons and tons of kids.  None quite as cute as mine, though.  You have to admit…those two are totally huggable.  Oh my gosh.  

Lily returned with a nicely filled bag of goodies, got to choose one piece to eat before bed and is now watching some Curious before heading up to bed.  
I gotta say, and Sam agrees, I love being their mommy (dada).  Especially on a night like tonight where they are lit up with excitement and new experiences.