Picture Day!

From these photos you would never guess that yesterday we were at the doctor’s being diagnosed with ear infections.  Thankfully I took Ollie along to Lily’s appointment. Her preschool called about an hour after she arrived;she was complaining that her ear hurt.  Both kids battled colds and ran fevers early in the weekend but I just thought it was running its course.  When the doc took a look at Lily’s ears and then noticed Ollie’s reddish, goopy eyes, he prescribed some antibiotics for both little people.  Neither really showed they were in any pain….they were just awfully lethargic and a little cranky.  Today, though, they are definitely on the mend!  And it was Picture Day at school.  Lily wore an outfit sent to her from Aunt Susie in Italy.  When else can you wear a peter pan collar with a cute apron overlay?  We took advantage!

Ollie’s new favorite activity:  climbing on the chair.  He understands when you insist he sit on his bottom.

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