Not in Kansas Anymore

Your heart kind of stops when you are in the car for a quick errand and the radio blasts out an Emergency Broadcast signal warning you of a tornado in the area. ¬†Add to that a quick buzz on the phone with the same alert (only this one said the tornado was MY area…dang, GPS!). ¬†As I listened and oriented myself, I realized it was an area NW from where I was driving, but still, unnerving. ¬†Especially since I was just explaining to someone the other day that Pittsburgh was an area with extremely low incidents of natural disasters. ¬†:-/

And here’s another example of things taking you by surprise–but this was a great one! ¬†While eating dinner, our lovely daughter, Lily, told me to stay in my seat and keep eating, she would get up and bring some more chicken to her sister. ¬†Sam and I shot each other a look like, “Whoa, cool!”. ¬†Way to make our night, Lily-girl!

Dates with Dada

Tonight Lily went to see Inside Out with Sam where she devoured a giant bag of popcorn and a slushy. Tomorrow Ollie and Em go to BounceU with him. They are soaking up the quality time together!  Meanwhile, the younger kids and I made pizzas on the grill, enjoying the summer night in the deck…bonus:  all the mess stayed outside. Win win!



I fail and I fail and I fail some more. ¬†This is what I do as a mother. ¬†But I keep trying. ¬†Because that’s all you can do. ¬†I try to love enough,

play enough,

feed enough,

correct enough,

hug enough,

talk enough,

encourage enough,

relax enough,

watch enough,

guide enough,

bathe enough,

direct enough,

tramp enough,

splash enough,

move enough,

smile enough,

do everything just right.

And so when, in the quiet of bedtime, Ollie says that he is sorry he didn’t listen to me earlier, I get down and cradle his hairy little head and whisper to him how much I love him, how I want him to grow up and be a super human and save the world with his kind little heart. ¬†He reminds me that it is all enough, what we do day to day, minute to minute, as long as we do the best we know how. ¬†We are all just enough and that is perfect.

Today’s Funny One

Discovered a new (amazing) playground

Had an all day playdate with Jack

Survived a massive thunderstorm

Water played

Took an after-dinner neighborhood stroll

Endured a stiff neck until I put some ben-gay type stuff on. ¬†While snuggling with Lily at bedtime, she told me she did not like the smell. ¬†A few minutes passed. ¬†Then, “Momma, what is it? ¬†Peppermint?” Me: “Something like that.” ¬†Lily: “More like stinkamint!” ¬†LOL.

IMG_4230 IMG_4231 IMG_4232 IMG_4233 IMG_4234 IMG_4235 IMG_4239 IMG_4240 IMG_4241 IMG_4242

Little House

I am no Caroline Ingalls, that’s clear, but we did make ice cream today from three ingredients and used our own muscles and movement to make it. ¬†A little taste of pioneer life here in 2015. ¬†Ice cream is a great motivator–all who wanted a taste had to eat many veggies with lunch and clean up the perler beads (can you tell this is a newfound obsession as I have mentioned it a few times now) ¬†First I combined cream, sugar and vanilla, poured it into one bag and placed inside a larger bag with lots of ice and salt. ¬†Next, the kids all took turns shaking it. ¬†Luckily we had a lot of visiting playmates and so the shaking wasn’t too strenuous. ¬†But the bag was incredibly cold! ¬†So cold it numbed your hands if you shook for much time at all. ¬†Note to self: ¬†use gloves next time. Oh, yes,¬†there will be a next time!

IMG_4226 IMG_4227 IMG_4228