Jolly Ollie

Today=>on our way to nap

Ollie:  Momma, where is my mimi {pacifier}?  Where is it, Momma?

Me:  I don’t know Ol.  Where did you leave it?  What was on it? {blue bike?  penguin?  dog?}

Ollie:  Peanut butter and jelly.

He makes me smile.  What a literal 2 yo 🙂

Dr. Ollie with his favorite little sister patient

Dr. Ollie with his favorite little sister patient



Momma’s Little Helpers

I would like to recognize the hard work Lily and Ollie put in tonight at dinner. Or, rather, for dinner. Lately, I’ve been reading up on growing kids that feel part of a family, what that means, and the whole entitlement trap that is far too easy to fall into while raising them. Besides eliminating about 75% of their toys and not giving in to most requests at a store, I wanted to begin working with them on doing things for themselves-instead of relying on me or Sam to do something for them (of which they are capable or would be with some teaching). So to that end, Lily, especially, has been working with me at meals and with laundry. I thought it would be more work for me and for a bit I thought to not even try but we did and I am really glad. Yesterday she made the buttered noodles all by herself and tonight she made the salad and cheesy bread. Ollie set forks out on the table by himself. Earlier he helped put away his laundry. It’s baby steps but I think it will encourage and empower them to do for themselves (and others…namely, their family). They should be proud of their work!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I didn’t know TMNT was a thing. Not for 4 year olds. Maybe 37 year olds like my brothers-but Lily? However, tonight was a birthday party and that was the theme. Nick Jr. has a cartoon with everyone’s favorite bad guy-defeating terrapins.

On the ride home {to Sam}
L: there was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle there.
S: a real one?
L: no. The real one has a sword. He was stuffed. (thinking). But, Dada, how did it move?

She is the best girl and I am so happy she has been making friends. It was a big day for her!

All In A Day

Saturday, Saturday.  Usually you are tough.  You are long.  You are only filled with gymnastics.  You typically include three full meals for all people in the family.  Saturday, you wear me out.  But today.  Oh, today.  A stroke of genius.  GENIUS, I tell ya!

I FINALLY called the neighbor girl to come and play with the two big kids.  While I painted and Sam painted and Emmy napped.

This is what our day looked like:



Lily’s ensemble for the nighttime birthday party at her gymnastics place for her good friend, Cole. He’s four.


A knot on the noggin. This kid.


The kids’ bathroom will be a froggy green when the primer is dry. Today prime. Tomorrow rest my sore arms.

And, so, even though Ollie didn’t nap, that’s OKAY!  Everyone had a good day….thanks to a little help from a new friend!