And Ba-low

I got some time with the littlest Weller today-alone.  We played ta-wickle monster on the trampoline and went for a sa-wing on the sa-wings.  She wanted to go on the big one and the yittle one.

(btw-glow and glow were the two words up top, in case you don;t know).

Lily and Ollie played out in the mud and then pool at Owen’s house.


Later and Later

Seems everyone is getting to sleep later and later recently and it is throwing my daily habit here for a loop.  By 8:30 my brain is not working well or up for inspired writing.  I may have to revise my routine and perhaps change the time I do it.  Maybe post in the morning–knowing I could be interrupted at any moment?  All I do know is I need to be still this weekend; while it appeared to be a relatively quiet week, I think I’ve tried to do too much.  Tomorrow will be waffles, teatime, wrapping up our weather unit, cleaning rooms and swimming with some downtime for all…this weekend, hopefully quiet and reading.  Ommm-namaste (Ollie and Emmy didn’t do yoga at school today-they did snowga!)


We got to hang out and play with Jack and Emma today.  It was super sweet and long overdue.  When they had to leave (after dinner and dessert and play and general roughhousing), Jack started to tear up; Ollie came up to him and gave him a big hug.  We won’t let it go so long between get togethers!

Just a Phase

At 4:11 AM when I heard little feet scuttle across the floor…was it one or two sets?

At 5:20 AM when I rolled over and a little head popped up, thinking it was morning.

At 4:45PM when the puzzle her sister tries to complete seems better ripped apart.

At 5:02PM when a snack wasn’t right and ended up smashed all over the floor.

I tell myself it is just a phase.

At 8:55 AM when a watercolor/glue/scissory masterpiece makes its way into my hands.

At 10:05 AM when I am being read to, a favorite by Jan Ba-rett {Brett}, with Nicki and his white mittens.

At 3:40PM when we are together, alone, for Family Swim and she wants motorboat over and over again.

At 7:10 PM when she just needs that extra snug to drift off.

I tell myself it is all worth it.