While the flakes flew, Ollie and Lily headed to the best sledding hill in the neighborhood…Olivia’s…and returned an hour later with red cheeks and noses. Ollie faithfully wears his new snowboarding helmet.  Emmy can’t go without me so we hung out at home, prepping dinner and such.  We introduced her to vinegar and baking soda earlier in the day.  I can’t believe she is 3 and I haven’t gotten it out for her yet.  Of course, now both ingredients are on our shopping list.  The older ones had to join in the fun, too.  

Wind Chill

This wintertime is so much more interesting while we learn about the weather. Our homemade barometer really works!!!  It is fascinating to record our observations and see which type of storm is most interesting to each person.  While we are reading or playing in the afternoon, someone will inevitably put the wind vane or thermometer outside and come back to check out the reading. Having so much fun!

Under Deadline plus Cuteness

Bah!  I had to watch an extra half of The Good Wife since it was the end of Season 3.  But!  I have a boyfriend ok to finish that will be snatched back from my Kindle tomorrow.  So I’ve just set myself up with faux goals with little respect for my sleep needs. Oh, entertainment.

In other news, I think it is so funny that Lily can detail her Brownie meeting snack variety but can’t remember any of the other girls’ names in her troop.  Ollie is an ape.  I’m going to try and get his gorilla-y galloping on video to show you.  It’s how he gets around in the house.  And Miss Em was so proud of herself for making whacamole (guacamole) with our last hafocado (avocado) today. Give her a ripe one and a butter knife…and you too can finish making dinner!


Some of the sweetest, slowest, can’t-ever-have-those-moments-back, times was rocking my babies while nursing, before a nap or night.  Emmy sometimes wants me to hold her with soft blankey until she falls asleep.  It never takes long but I sit there feeling her weight go from “awake” to asleep and love it, that release of her energy drifting off.  And it makes me sad, too, that I won’t get another to rock to sleep until a grandchild is born.  That’s a long time to wait.  So for now until she doesn’t want me to, I’m so happy to hold little Bem and watch her sleep.