Under Deadline plus Cuteness

Bah!  I had to watch an extra half of The Good Wife since it was the end of Season 3.  But!  I have a boyfriend ok to finish that will be snatched back from my Kindle tomorrow.  So I’ve just set myself up with faux goals with little respect for my sleep needs. Oh, entertainment.

In other news, I think it is so funny that Lily can detail her Brownie meeting snack variety but can’t remember any of the other girls’ names in her troop.  Ollie is an ape.  I’m going to try and get his gorilla-y galloping on video to show you.  It’s how he gets around in the house.  And Miss Em was so proud of herself for making whacamole (guacamole) with our last hafocado (avocado) today. Give her a ripe one and a butter knife…and you too can finish making dinner!

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