She has a double ear infection. Not both ears. Just two infections in one ear.  Swimmers ear and a middle ear infection. Lovely. 

After Urgent Care and some meds, she was ready to get back in the water…

And the rest of them enjoyed a neighbor’s pool all afternoon. 


And Emmy at one point, just in the middle of conversation, said, Dammit. Dammit. Damn. Damn. Dammit. 

And then back to normal words. 

Guess we know what she hears sometimes. 


Or should I say Dammit. 


Saturday Soccer

So it turns out that we won’t have that much of a sports season since vacation is very important to us. But soccer, baseball and basketball are proving fun and worthwhile. We will continue into the fall, I’m sure. Soccer with someone who is three looks more like running and drinking Gatorade but that’s okay. She’s cute and enthused. That’s all that matters!

Three not so Wees

1.  Lily trimmed her bangs. Oh, wait. She didn’t have bangs. Not until she trimmed them. I’m getting rid of all scissors. But she still manages to look cute. 

2.  Ollie perfecting his eyebrow wiggle. To attract girls, reports his older sister. He just laughs at that suggestion but it might be true. 

3.  IttyBit has some brow tricks going on herself. She can sometimes lift one but not the other. But sometimes she is just making a very silly face and rolling her eyes up into her head. 

Such silly creatures. 


Could the summer just slow down already?  

Second practice of all sports wrapped today.  Lily still a contender and defender.  Ollie got a slam and many runs around the bases.  Besides, totally cute in his batting helmet and jersey. Emmy was much more involved today in playing but got most of her exercise from running to me to take a sip of Atorade-aka Gatorade😜

Prep for travel going on today and tomorrow.  Em helped me around the house today.  The other two will be packing tomorrow.