Wonderful Fall Weekend

Raking up our tissue paper leaves

This weekend we had a ton of fun enjoying fall and the activities that come with the season.  When Lily returned from gymnastics on Saturday morning, we played with some leaves.  Raking, jumping, dancing in them as they fell from the sky…and then she made a gorgeous piece of art, including some of her preschool pumpkins.

Since not many leaves fall here, we made our own fall fun!

Lily created these cool pumpkins at school.
Glue and orange sand

Later that day we made some caramel popcorn.  Only that evening did I learn that Sam doesn’t like caramel.  That’s kind of great but kind of awful, too.  I guess I have to be in charge of making sure it all gets eaten 🙂  And after that, we went to the woods and collected building materials for a fairy house.  While we were in the woods, Ollie got to meet a new puppy–an 8 month old Golden named Lucky–and I am afraid we may have to continue to be a dog family.  He loves them!  Maggie is being fairly patient with him; O gets a tremendous kick out of trying to catch her.

 Sunday we readied the costumes and carved our pumpkins.  Strangely enough, even though Lily loves to paint and get messy that way, she wanted nothing to do with the pumpkin guts.  Notice the toothy grin of the big pumpkin.  Looks like a Weller, don’t you think?!?

Left:  A toothy Weller baby  Right:  A ghost pumpkin

Happy Birthday, Little Guy!

Who is ONE?!?

Oliver William turned one on October 20.  What a great year, full of growth and movement and noises and little sleep.  As we all know, Ollie is one of the smiliest, happiest kids around; he’s a Joy Boy!

My little Oliver-

Your dad and I have had such a great year getting to know you and learning to juggle two little people.  You have taught us all how to temper our expectations(of how clean the house must be….of how much needs to really get done), slow down, practice patience and enjoy being together as a family.  Now that you are walking and talking and pointing out things you would like (and yelling about it when you don’t get it:-), we marvel at the speed with which your first year went by!  You are a super brother, son and little person…thank you for being ours!


Here are some scenes from your party…we all had a great time celebrating you!

Photo: 2011

Get ready because you will be seeing this photo many times in the coming months.  I love it.  Jen made us all look really good!  Okay-well, she made me look good.  My foundation and other makeup definitely was touched up in a masterly way in PhotoShop.  Yay!  Score one for The Mommy! 🙂

Drum roll, please…

Here’s our beautiful, messy, crazy, loud and toothy family in 2011:

Why should you get ready to see it a lot?  You will probably get both a Christmas card and present bearing this image, dear Followers.  Merry, merry!

Its Easy Being Green

A tremendous amount of rain has been falling on the East Coast this fall.  Instead of the pumpkin, leaf-changing weather I was yearning for, we had a lot of rain.  I think I mentioned this already?!?  It didn’t really hold us back from exploring and enjoying Gramma and Grampa’s house.  The pond full of fish and frogs was a favorite thing to check in on each day.  I just love these pictures because, well, I really suck at taking pictures but I love how these turned out.  


Can you see the beady eyes?

Pennsylvania Fun…for Two Weeks!

I don’t know if we are up for another two week long adventure any time soon, but we sure had fun while we were in Pennsylvania.  There was so much playing, visiting, partying, woods-walking and tractor riding, it was hard to say goodbye.  It was hard to get enough sleep. 🙂  Both kids were troopers, though and we had a great time (even though it rained an awful lot and was super hot–until it wasn’t and then it was cold!)  Hopefully, it won’t be very long (fingers-crossed) until we return.  Nearly every single day we traveled to a new place.  Ollie isn’t too fond of his carseat since we got back home.  Perhaps there was too much running around?!?  

Lily showed great empathy towards the groundhog Gramma Hurley tried to capture.  When the small one was trapped, in the barn, after eating many carrots and much peanut butter, Lily told everyone that it was going to join its family down by the river and that it was a little sad to be in a cage.  Every morning and night the trap was checked and there were many different things caught (raccoon, feral cat)…none of them the grand groundhog. As of this writing, the thing is still alluding Mom.  <sigh>
Ollie at French Creek playground

He always looks like he is having the very best time, doesn’t he? 

Gramma/Great-Gramma celebrated her 89th birthday!  

We went to Becky’s… 
where Anna and Lily disappeared 
only to appear dressed a little differently than we expected. 
Robeson Elementary playground 
Can you feel the Love?

Cuckoo Cuckoo

Some nights it feels like crazy o’clock before everything finds it way to being “done”.  Even though we have a routine, there is time built in for just being cuckoo.  On this particular evening, Oliver was in bed, the kitchen was clean, and the only thing left to do was tuck Lily in and read some books.  I was attempting to hustle her upstairs {QUIETLY!} because O sometimes wakes at the slightest noise, it seems to me, but as I came down the hall, what did I happen upon but a big girl up the stairs…


You amaze me with your ever expanding fearlessness.  For a girl who used to sit back and observe, you sure have grown into a Girl Adventure.  I love it.  It is fun watching you get into situations that are new and need figuring out.  In this case, coming back down was not as easy as going up.  I’m happy you still need my help 🙂 

                 xoxox Momma

We Love Uncles

Around here we are big fans of uncles.  We are big fans of uncles that throw us in the air, give us candy and treats, take lots of pictures and share their cameras, take us swimming and generally give us attention and cuddles. Since we’ve got FOUR, we don’t go long between visits from one of them.  Uncle Brent stopped by one night before we set off on our travels and played.  Ollie has discovered technology and like any Apple product-lover, gets pretty upset if he has it in his grasp and you attempt to take it away.  And you thought he was always a happy guy.  (He is really crying in the last photo!)

If You’re Happy and You Know It

Lily is enjoying preschool.   Ollie and I have gotten a glimpse into her day.  On her first day of school, she came home and asked us to get in a line (not sure how I feel about this…).  After her second day, a day she had music class, we received instruction on our favorite song.  
Here’s our rendition:
If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands!
If you’re happy and you know it, stomp your feet!
If you’re happy and you know it, shout Hooray!