Wonderful Fall Weekend

Raking up our tissue paper leaves

This weekend we had a ton of fun enjoying fall and the activities that come with the season.  When Lily returned from gymnastics on Saturday morning, we played with some leaves.  Raking, jumping, dancing in them as they fell from the sky…and then she made a gorgeous piece of art, including some of her preschool pumpkins.

Since not many leaves fall here, we made our own fall fun!

Lily created these cool pumpkins at school.
Glue and orange sand

Later that day we made some caramel popcorn.  Only that evening did I learn that Sam doesn’t like caramel.  That’s kind of great but kind of awful, too.  I guess I have to be in charge of making sure it all gets eaten 🙂  And after that, we went to the woods and collected building materials for a fairy house.  While we were in the woods, Ollie got to meet a new puppy–an 8 month old Golden named Lucky–and I am afraid we may have to continue to be a dog family.  He loves them!  Maggie is being fairly patient with him; O gets a tremendous kick out of trying to catch her.

 Sunday we readied the costumes and carved our pumpkins.  Strangely enough, even though Lily loves to paint and get messy that way, she wanted nothing to do with the pumpkin guts.  Notice the toothy grin of the big pumpkin.  Looks like a Weller, don’t you think?!?

Left:  A toothy Weller baby  Right:  A ghost pumpkin

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