Happy Birthday, Little Guy!

Who is ONE?!?

Oliver William turned one on October 20.  What a great year, full of growth and movement and noises and little sleep.  As we all know, Ollie is one of the smiliest, happiest kids around; he’s a Joy Boy!

My little Oliver-

Your dad and I have had such a great year getting to know you and learning to juggle two little people.  You have taught us all how to temper our expectations(of how clean the house must be….of how much needs to really get done), slow down, practice patience and enjoy being together as a family.  Now that you are walking and talking and pointing out things you would like (and yelling about it when you don’t get it:-), we marvel at the speed with which your first year went by!  You are a super brother, son and little person…thank you for being ours!


Here are some scenes from your party…we all had a great time celebrating you!

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