Two Times the Ice Cream

It was a double the ice cream, double the fun kind of day. We went to Happy Hollow and got in for free because we are members of the PP & G Zoo (Thanks, Lissa!). Animals, rides and ice cream. Home for a quick swim and out to Buck’s for dinner. Ice cream sundaes for dessert. Heading home to walk around the block. 



  • Swim then nails
  • Unexpected phone call
  • Dotty dots in candy colors
  • Two eggs plus for lunch
  • Playground with chihuahuas
  • Sore toes and breakdowns
  • Popcorn and a movie in the afternoon
  • Baths
  • Cake
  • Reading with snugs
  • Quickly asleep

#bestcoast & zucchinis

This one was thrilled to get a bikini for the first time. She will be 8 in a few weeks and asked for this (along with pierced ears) as her present. 

She needs a swimmy still, for sure, blub,blub,blub. A long nap on the plane but otherwise a delightful little babblepuss all day. 

This guy got to see Star Wars 7 on the flight and is now in pjs, ready to jump on the trampoline…as long as he promises not to wake me up. 

My cold didn’t bother me until descent when my ear would not pop. It finally has and now I just need some sleep to make me feel better.

An easy trip with great passengers!  Hooray!

I’m not getting sick

Nope. No I’m not. I’m sucking on zinc tabs and taking sausages and DayQuil. As long as I keep on top of, it’s good and I feel normal. Crossing fingers tomorrow’s flights are relatively painless (should’ve, we’ve got snacks, coloring, new books and a couple of animal shows). Tally ho-off to bed. Some favorite things before then…


Spring French Toast

We woke up with Gramma Lissa here, played, laid around and made art all day, ate French toast for dinner and watched it snow…on the first day of spring๐Ÿฅ๐Ÿ›๐Ÿ’

I returned over 100 library books yesterday. 

Lily is journaling with me, too!


Weekend Wins

  • Jumped the van and it is running again
  • Junk is {nearly} ready to haul
  • Fridge full of food
  • Bellies full of good food like graham cracks with whipped cream
  • New bubbly water canister in
  • Library books returned 
  • Lissa & me = good tag team

Hello Friday!

Boy, you brought surprises and delights as well as a silly disappointment. 

Lily rocked out math and copy work and dictation. She felt revived by her clean room. She showed Gramma Lissa all her new chapter books of which she is so proud to be able to read. 

Ollie knows his animals but did you know Jane Goodall named two chimps Olly and William?  He didn’t either but he loves that fact.  African animal study is right up his alley!

Emmy was such a precious good girl and brought my new phone to let everyone see…but we told her no, she shouldn’t touch it. She went from beaming to little chin wiggling to keep from crying. She is such a helper. We felt terrible. 

Fortunately, I got to the mall for a new phone, newt shirts and a swimsuit. Unfortunately, my car battery is dead. Fortunately, Lissa let me borrow her car. TGIF!