Can’t wait for next year!  

When Ollie joins us for school, we will have so much fun!  He was home sick but on the road to recovery today and we did our regular lessons. Thank goodness we are studying Africa, it’s biomes and animals and Jane Goodall. He had a lot to tell us about the animal life!   


A little improvement

But not much. It was another day of lethargy and stuffy noses, and for poor Ollie, a fever. We got to start two new read aloud a and still managed to play some board games but it was another day of rest. Let’s cross fingers this cold is kicked to the curb soon!


Two out of Three

Were down with some sort of fever/cough/stuffy nose.  It was the least energetic, collectively, I have see them be for???  Forever?  While there was watching, there was also just laying about and LEGO and a few naps.  Lily thought it was a good day to be sick since it rained.  With the time change, I guess we lucked out.  Only Emmy seemed to need a little more coaxing to go to bed.  She is well but also took a nap. This was as everyone was needing a little more fever reducer; only twice today were we in this kind of a mood.

 Otherwise, just lethargic.  I thin they surprised themselves how little they wanted to do.  With a good night’s sleep, I am hoping tomorrow the sickies will be on the mend!


Not The Boys but the in Ollie and Jack.  We had a last minute meet up at the playground today and then an even more last minute dinner with everyone at Chick Fila after that.  They are such a sweet couple of boys who we came across peeing into the woods (the bathrooms are still not open at the parks so you can hardly blame them).  They ran and ran and ran around playing spy (or something) until they both needed to rest and take a break.  Our ride to dinner served that purpose.  They were back to it in the play area before and after dinner.  O fell asleep on the way home and will have a good snooze tonight.

I am so glad he has such a bosom friend as Jack.  They have a good time together.  BFFs.

Twilight Zone

Either everyone is in a growth cycle or we live in the twilight zone.  Twice recently (once was tonight), Em has fallen asleep while watching, woken to look her dinner and then gone back to sleep…until the next morning.  And she is usually out of bed last?!?

Ollie doesn’t have too much of a problem if Lovey is lost.  He falls asleep as quickly as ever without tears.

And Lily is staying up until…well, tonight it is 9:19, having read for the past hour.

What is going on?

Outdoor Education

Lily and I took advantage of the gorgeous weather and the freedom of homeschool and spent the entire day outdoors. Ollie and Emmy joined us after EA for playground, ice cream, seed selections and library time. On our walk after dinner, we even spied two little bats flitting around in the sky in search of bugs. 


Zoo Day!

We arrived at the zoo and made our way to the giraffes to share lunch with those fine animals. The spring-like weather must have been making everyone’s blood flow because most exhibits had fairly active creatures!  The cheetahs were chasing, the rhino was out sunning herself, the red pandas were frisky. Another beautiful day–by the end of the afternoon as we came back to where we started, Ollie asked to go around again…but I don’t think anyone had energy for that!  We have finished dinner (al fresco) and the kids are jumping on the trampoline. Let the good times roll!!


The Pre-Tween and The Slide

An early walk after corn flakes and strawberries (we are dreaming of the strawberries at the Menlo Park Farmer’s Market soon…)

The Bakers gifted us their hot water heater box.  Sad they needed a new one but happy we got a giant box to make into a slide and a dinosaur research facility.

Friends stopped by later in the day to play Star Wars, listen to the Biebs, and do perler beads or coloring.