Won’t Play Your Games

Last night I was struck by how Lily is so individual in her reactions and walking around in the world.  She is one unique girl!

She told Sam she would love to join he and Ollie to play basketball tomorrow at the community center.  Because “basketball is my life”.

She simply will not play the “likeable” game.  It is one I am so very well versed in…the smile, the answering the questions, the one where you please those around you by the way you react to them.  Game I have played my whole life and only in my late 20’s learned to let go of…sometimes.

But she simply will not play it.

Say “thank you”.  Smile.  Answer the questions of strangers.  Smile!

A part of me (that game player part) cringes as she asserts her true feelings (no, I don’t want to smile at the creepy old man in the elevator who is asking me stupid questions!) and a bigger, a much bigger part, of me, is so in awe of her assertiveness and her individuality.  She is not playing the game of people pleasing and while that is fairly uncomfortable for me, she is definitely leading me down the path of “know thyself” as an 8 year old.

Fearless girl, I love you!