Score One for the Mommy!

At dinner tonight, Lily told me a few times how much she liked the chicken (really a pork chop). She liked it so much “I’m going to call you Miss Connie because its so good.” This is her cook at school. I am pretty flattered, I must admit.

It Was That Kind of A Day and Then…

I got a Pep Talk!

You know those days:  the dog was annoying since 7AM, Ollie was whining unless he was eating pretzel sticks or a cookie, Lily needed me to play one on one constantly.  I was saying things like-“Ollie, don’t put your fingers in Lily’s drink!”….”Lily, no more Sheryl Crow, I’m going to go bonkers!”…”Emmy, please take a nap.  Now.”  And it was dreary and yucky and I’m sick of being inside.  But I’m more sick of cleaning up the mud and muck from going outside.  But then one of my favorites left me a VM (thanks, Mer!  I’ll call you back…sometime!) and at the same time another favorite (thanks, Michelle!  Just what I needed!) sent this:

Guess I can either CRY about it.  Or I can DANCE about it.

You should know which one I will choose!  (and Lily, too!)

Onto a brighter outlook, ASAP!

(BTW-Does anyone, anyone want a dog?)

No Batteries Included

This year we succeeded in having a virtually tech-free Christmas.  Nearly every toy was free of flashing lights or the need for batteries.  There is one toy–a puzzle, for goodness sake–that can use batteries if one wants to hear the sounds of the vehicles.  But that is it.  Every other gift was creative, low-tech, kid-powered or imagination-driven.  Yay for us!  And it is a month later and most are still holding the attention of both big kids.  The trampoline, McKenna, face paint kit and arts and crafts things seem to be the most popular.  

Christmas Pajamas and a Ham

Sam came home early from work on Christmas Eve bearing gifts for all.  Every year we have gotten each kid a new set of Christmas pj’s; they were all so adorable!  And I was not forgotten.  He brought me a beautiful and utterly mouth-watering ham.  I love ham.  Merry Christmas 2012!

HAM! DSC_0627 DSC_0602 DSC_0676

Bananas and the Dirty Sock

No-that’s not the name of our family band.  Nor the story of how I feel after a couple of mornings of two hour delays.  I’ve been gone from here for nearly a month (!!!) and Emmeline Meredith is now 5 MONTHS OLD!  That means she can start trying food!  Its a very exciting step for a Wee…and our current pediatrician told me that she could try any first food-it didn’t have to be a rice cereal.  Yay for adventure!  A week or two ago she tried sweet potatoes.  By try, I mean I put a spoonful up to her mouth and her little tongue barely touched it and she gave me a face like, “Are you crazy woman???  This is horrible!”.  So I didn’t try again until today (not because I totally lost track of the goal or forgot to feed her food or found it much easier to just let her nurse….no, no, no, I’m on top of things, people!)

But today it seemed like a perfect day for baby foods.  I whipped up our spaghetti sauce and she hung out in the Bumbo on the counter (even though they are outlawed or recalled or something now).  Suddenly I remembered that we had both very soft bananas and new teething thingy things.  My dad calls them dirty socks.  And so, may I present to you, live from Gibsonia, Emmy, the Banana, and the Dirty Sock: