It Was That Kind of A Day and Then…

I got a Pep Talk!

You know those days:  the dog was annoying since 7AM, Ollie was whining unless he was eating pretzel sticks or a cookie, Lily needed me to play one on one constantly.  I was saying things like-“Ollie, don’t put your fingers in Lily’s drink!”….”Lily, no more Sheryl Crow, I’m going to go bonkers!”…”Emmy, please take a nap.  Now.”  And it was dreary and yucky and I’m sick of being inside.  But I’m more sick of cleaning up the mud and muck from going outside.  But then one of my favorites left me a VM (thanks, Mer!  I’ll call you back…sometime!) and at the same time another favorite (thanks, Michelle!  Just what I needed!) sent this:

Guess I can either CRY about it.  Or I can DANCE about it.

You should know which one I will choose!  (and Lily, too!)

Onto a brighter outlook, ASAP!

(BTW-Does anyone, anyone want a dog?)

One thought on “It Was That Kind of A Day and Then…

  1. Sounds like a classic case of the winter doldrums! Sorry to hear it’s been such a crummy day, but TOTALLY understandable given the crummy weather we’ve been having. Hope that tomorrow things will look a little brighter – even if the sun is not shining (which it won’t be). Loved Kid President. I didn’t know about him. Thanks for sharing!

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