Bananas and the Dirty Sock

No-that’s not the name of our family band.  Nor the story of how I feel after a couple of mornings of two hour delays.  I’ve been gone from here for nearly a month (!!!) and Emmeline Meredith is now 5 MONTHS OLD!  That means she can start trying food!  Its a very exciting step for a Wee…and our current pediatrician told me that she could try any first food-it didn’t have to be a rice cereal.  Yay for adventure!  A week or two ago she tried sweet potatoes.  By try, I mean I put a spoonful up to her mouth and her little tongue barely touched it and she gave me a face like, “Are you crazy woman???  This is horrible!”.  So I didn’t try again until today (not because I totally lost track of the goal or forgot to feed her food or found it much easier to just let her nurse….no, no, no, I’m on top of things, people!)

But today it seemed like a perfect day for baby foods.  I whipped up our spaghetti sauce and she hung out in the Bumbo on the counter (even though they are outlawed or recalled or something now).  Suddenly I remembered that we had both very soft bananas and new teething thingy things.  My dad calls them dirty socks.  And so, may I present to you, live from Gibsonia, Emmy, the Banana, and the Dirty Sock:

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