Daily Habits

I listened to an audio lecture right before going to bed last night. A daily practice was one of the topics covered; the lecturer chose to run each day of 2014 and had accomplished the goal! It seems that I am surrounded by this idea lately. Maybe it is what and who I am reading:
*A Writer’s Life in Brief (Julie Bogart blog)
*The Happier Home (Gretchen Rubin book)
*The Artful Parent (blog)
*The One Thing (Gary Keller book)
but all these resources have suggested choosing one thing to do each day. A daily practice. Arguing that it is easier to commit to a practice every day as opposed to, say, committing to do something 4x’s per week…

And I am considering what to do. If anything. Usually I feel I have a full plate.

I did find I had a huge lift when I blogged every day one November (2 years ago! Or maybe 3!!). It challenged me but also forced me to find all the good of my days. I recorded a huge amount about each kid and it is a snapshot of that time, available to me anytime I log on.

It has been on my mind-especially since I re-read some journal entries recently and realized that I didn’t remember the instances I wrote about, however sweet a memory it was. Memories I want to keep. My memory is short; some may say overloaded. Maybe it is my attention is short and scattered! In any case, I want to combat it.

What a bonus to keep and share those instances online! And extra bonus: that Sam or grandparents or I can check-in anytime to see what’s happening.

All this to say…you may be seeing more action in this space than you have in a long, long time!

Where does all the time go?

Is it hiding under the couch like so many toys?  In a closet?  I cannot accept that it has been an entire month and more since my last post. What am I doing??  I don’t know.  Certainly not making time to sit down and quietly write about our life with little people.  I have, however, been penning stuff on a legal pad before bed.  But it isn’t the same as “publishing” the highlights of our life.  Facebook isn’t the same-at all-although it does provide a nice reminder of what has been going on in a very limited way.  

*and there is the reminder of why I haven’t been blogging:  quiet play in the playroom, me at the kitchen counter, hopeful that everyone was okay.  Turns out Emmy had escaped, climbed the stairs, and was up in Ollie’s room.  When I asked either big kid where she was:  “I dunno.  Not here.”*

But we have been having a fun and staying busy (not healthy, sadly).  School and Halloween and afternoon playing and time change and a few grandparent visits.  I have tons of pictures to upload and hope to get on board with my month-long gratitude postings.  For right now, everyone is quietly, cooperatively playing and giving me a few moments to jot down these notes.  Small miracles.

Vulnerability, Shame, Joy and Gratitude

Do not be afraid….this is not a downer post. I’ve been missing my blog writing but the beautiful spring weather has kept us outside and when we do eventually come in (with all the ticks of the world following us inside), there’s meals to prepare, baths to give, books to read and HBO series to watch. No wonder I haven’t been on here. However, we have been doing some good things: planting butterfly gardens, digging in mulch, preparing for our yard sale, reading good books and going to church! Specifically I’ve been reading Daring Greatly by Brene Brown. It is pretty deep and I have been learning a lot….why we are a people more stressed out and numbed out than any group ever to have lived before. And what that stress reaction is doing to ourselves, our relationships and children. Not good stuff but what we can do is learn, re-learn, maybe?, how to be vulnerable and open. A terribly hard thing to do in a society bent on bullying, gossip, and one-ups-manship. So, for my kids and our family, I’m getting back on the gratitude train. And I haven’t decided where I’ll keep all my ramblings-whether here or a journal but thought I would share some things I’m grateful for today:

-Sam getting my coffee for me this morning with just the right amount of cream.
-2 of 3 kids going to gymnastics and haircuts.
-having time to make my way through clothes to be donated, consigned or just put away for another season.
-a rainy day to relax inside and let the grass grow.
-cuddly, clean, healthy kids.
-dar Williams on the radio.

That is all! Have a great Saturday! Xo

All In A Day

Saturday, Saturday.  Usually you are tough.  You are long.  You are only filled with gymnastics.  You typically include three full meals for all people in the family.  Saturday, you wear me out.  But today.  Oh, today.  A stroke of genius.  GENIUS, I tell ya!

I FINALLY called the neighbor girl to come and play with the two big kids.  While I painted and Sam painted and Emmy napped.

This is what our day looked like:



Lily’s ensemble for the nighttime birthday party at her gymnastics place for her good friend, Cole. He’s four.


A knot on the noggin. This kid.


The kids’ bathroom will be a froggy green when the primer is dry. Today prime. Tomorrow rest my sore arms.

And, so, even though Ollie didn’t nap, that’s OKAY!  Everyone had a good day….thanks to a little help from a new friend!

Hunting Creatures

One of the things I like best about my kids at this age is their ability to really play together.  After many years of high-impact (re:baby and young toddler) parenting, to be able to leave them alone to figure out what to play and just listen for screaming or read quietly while they amuse themselves, well, its pretty cool.  And makes for amusing anecdotes!


Today, for example, after snack, the big kids ended up piling all the couch cushions on the floor.  First it served as an obstacle course and ever-higher-jumping practice.  Then it morphed into an imaginary game of Hunting Creatures.  Lily was the Mommy Possum and Ollie was her baby.  They needed to find food.  Then there came a wolf.  Uh oh, better hide a little.  Then they decided to be the predators and Emmy was the prey.  Both crawled up to us, Lily the lead animal, and warned us, “If that baby is still out at night, we are coming back to eat her.”  When night fell, there they were, ready to nibble on their sister-and me.  Fun–and it nearly lasted 25 minutes!

Here’s another fun story.   Ollie is getting potty-trained…by his big sister.  He is finding success which is impressing us.  We even talked about how if you become Prince of the Potty that you get to wear underwear.  “Daddy wears underwear.  Grampa wears underwear.  Even my friend Max wears underwear.” {Prince of the Potty book}  Except, dear readers, here’s too much information but I want to remember this-it is funny.  Except, Lily argued:  Boys don’t wear underwear.  Why would she believe such a thing?  Hmmm, I wonder.  She is one observant little chickadee 🙂

And, finally, Miss Emmeline is 6 months old today.  Sheesh, girl, would you stop growing?? How did this happen?  I remember posting her 12 week slideshow on here and it feels like just last week.  If it weren’t for the weather, I could hardly believe she has been here since August…and its already the end of February.  She is skooching around, backward and lifting herself up into plank position.  Crawling probably isn’t too far behind.  I think she has two little teeth coming in, too.

No Batteries Included

This year we succeeded in having a virtually tech-free Christmas.  Nearly every toy was free of flashing lights or the need for batteries.  There is one toy–a puzzle, for goodness sake–that can use batteries if one wants to hear the sounds of the vehicles.  But that is it.  Every other gift was creative, low-tech, kid-powered or imagination-driven.  Yay for us!  And it is a month later and most are still holding the attention of both big kids.  The trampoline, McKenna, face paint kit and arts and crafts things seem to be the most popular.  

Christmas Pajamas and a Ham

Sam came home early from work on Christmas Eve bearing gifts for all.  Every year we have gotten each kid a new set of Christmas pj’s; they were all so adorable!  And I was not forgotten.  He brought me a beautiful and utterly mouth-watering ham.  I love ham.  Merry Christmas 2012!

HAM! DSC_0627 DSC_0602 DSC_0676