Its Been a Very Merry Christmas!

I can’t help but think about our life a year ago today and just be so grateful of where we are now.  Today was kind of my the dream I had about what I wanted Christmas to be for our family.  It was low-key but full of fun and playing and eating unhealthy food.  In a word, perfect. Or relaxing.  The opposite of stress.  It was a great holiday.  Thankyouthankyouthankyou, Baby Jesus.

IMG_1865 IMG_1868 IMG_1890 IMG_1872 IMG_1877 IMG_1881 IMG_1884

Before Its Too Late!

Before it is too late, I need to record some of our fun stuff over the past week or so.  Sam is still working to get my computer up to speed in receiving the photos taken on the new-fangled camera–which, btw, makes one seem like they know what they are doing when taking shots.  So for now, I only have my own pictures from Instagram.

Last week we finished Christmas shopping, I somehow collected all I needed for our gingerbread neighborhood party, got stocking stuffers wrapped, took kids for checkups and shots, stayed warm, made teacher gifts, and even got to the gym.  By Friday afternoon, all there was to do was enjoy the weekend.

Here’s shots from the week:

IMG_1765 IMG_1766 IMG_1767 IMG_1773 IMG_1769 IMG_1775

Too Much Christmas Cuteness

We all attended Lily’s holiday show at preschool today.  It was just too cute.  She sang out loud and proud, Ollie buzzed around trying out all the toys and rock wall {especially after chowing down on cookies}, and Emmy relaxed in her easy-going Emmy way.  The school was sparkling  with kid-created decorations, there was plenty of coffee, hot chocolate and goodies to go around, and everyone was in a bright mood.  I am so glad {once again} we found this school!

Gathering for the ShowJingleHit It!sugarsugarsugarYumGo, Ollie!Friends

Professional Sleep Assasins

I’d like to recognize 3 very Wee people who have contributed greatly to my recent non-sleep events-also known as nighttime or time of slumber.  I tell you, their level of sophistication, of complex coordination, is astounding.  Its like they sleep with little CB’s clutched in their hands, whispering to each other as soon as my eyes close and my breathing becomes regular.

“Don’t make a peep, yet, Emmy, she is still reading-but her eyes look heavy…should only be a 10 minutes or so.  Over and out.”

I warn you not to underestimate their devious plan of household domination.  They know that if I am worn down enough, they will have their day, I tell you!  Should you visit with these 3, be on guard.  This is your warning.IMG_1583 IMG_1586

A Day in the {autumnal} Life

Totally weird fungi we found exploding out of the mulch. Looked like a spooky skull. We spiked it with the rake and flung it around until it smashed all over the ground.

Our walk

Painting and coloring with markers


We raked some leaves up and Lily enjoyed her first jump into them

Today was a nice day.  It was just gorgeous outside-sun, cooler, a little breeze that sent the leaves tumbling down softly.  A bonus was that Gramma Lissa was here.  French toast, a walk for me with Emmy, playing outside, some artistic work, and the playground-start to end.  Sam has been working hard (busy, budget season) and getting home late; we miss him.

At the playground watching middle schoolers play soccer

Of Whom We Will Speak

Here they are…the 3 precious and utterly fascinating little Wee’s.  I don’t even know where the whole Wee thing started.  I think Sam or I called each other that before kids and now it has passed on to them. Each one has had their own special nickname (Buca Boo and Bubba or Bubs–oh, wait, the baby doesn’t have one yet-she is still too new) outside of the Wee but collectively they are known as the Wees.  Sam still sometimes let’s it bleed over, as in:


H:  Hello?

S:  Hey Wee.  How are the Wees?

I guess it could get confusing or sound really strange but I think it is charming and sweet.  We all belong to each other.  That’s for certain.