Before Its Too Late!

Before it is too late, I need to record some of our fun stuff over the past week or so.  Sam is still working to get my computer up to speed in receiving the photos taken on the new-fangled camera–which, btw, makes one seem like they know what they are doing when taking shots.  So for now, I only have my own pictures from Instagram.

Last week we finished Christmas shopping, I somehow collected all I needed for our gingerbread neighborhood party, got stocking stuffers wrapped, took kids for checkups and shots, stayed warm, made teacher gifts, and even got to the gym.  By Friday afternoon, all there was to do was enjoy the weekend.

Here’s shots from the week:

IMG_1765 IMG_1766 IMG_1767 IMG_1773 IMG_1769 IMG_1775

To Miracles

Tonight, the last night of November, I am ready to spill out all my thankful thoughts from the past month.  Overflow with gratitude.  Explode in appreciation.  Acknowlegde how many miracles exist all around.  Today was full of some that I took note of in particular.

Somehow, by some miracle {see!}, Ollie finally took a nap in his bed with the door closed, Emmy slept at the same time in her crib, and Lily was content to play a game on the tap-tap for EXACTLY the amount of time I needed to do one short Ashtanga yoga video.  28 minutes to be exact.  That’s a pretty long time for a miracle to continue…

I got to set up plans with not one but FOUR friends to meet up when I am back in Birdsboro next week.  It seems that with the group of three I will see we can hardly ever find a night that works for all of us.  We have years of lengthy email threads going back and forth, desperately trying to line all our schedules up.  This happened even before the children came along.  By some MIRACLE, our schedules ALL allowed us to get together after school on Thursday.  Who’s grateful?  I am, I am!

Another miracle is I came downstairs after we all got ready this morning and I had 3 different texts waiting from 3 different favorite people in my life.  I felt so popular!

Miracle here:  just when I was looking for a little bit of extra time to pack for the drive, Lissa’s schedule allowed for a quick day trip to play on Monday!

I made yummy peanut butter chocolate chip banana bread, a delicious dinner, decorated snowflakes, cleaned a bathroom all before 3 in the afternoon.

Everyone here is safe, snug, and silent {mostly} by 8:30…miraculous!