Jolly Ollie

Today=>on our way to nap

Ollie:  Momma, where is my mimi {pacifier}?  Where is it, Momma?

Me:  I don’t know Ol.  Where did you leave it?  What was on it? {blue bike?  penguin?  dog?}

Ollie:  Peanut butter and jelly.

He makes me smile.  What a literal 2 yo 🙂

Dr. Ollie with his favorite little sister patient

Dr. Ollie with his favorite little sister patient



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I didn’t know TMNT was a thing. Not for 4 year olds. Maybe 37 year olds like my brothers-but Lily? However, tonight was a birthday party and that was the theme. Nick Jr. has a cartoon with everyone’s favorite bad guy-defeating terrapins.

On the ride home {to Sam}
L: there was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle there.
S: a real one?
L: no. The real one has a sword. He was stuffed. (thinking). But, Dada, how did it move?

She is the best girl and I am so happy she has been making friends. It was a big day for her!

Professional Sleep Assasins

I’d like to recognize 3 very Wee people who have contributed greatly to my recent non-sleep events-also known as nighttime or time of slumber.  I tell you, their level of sophistication, of complex coordination, is astounding.  Its like they sleep with little CB’s clutched in their hands, whispering to each other as soon as my eyes close and my breathing becomes regular.

“Don’t make a peep, yet, Emmy, she is still reading-but her eyes look heavy…should only be a 10 minutes or so.  Over and out.”

I warn you not to underestimate their devious plan of household domination.  They know that if I am worn down enough, they will have their day, I tell you!  Should you visit with these 3, be on guard.  This is your warning.IMG_1583 IMG_1586