Good Buddy

Ollie is my little good buddy since Lily started school.  Last year he was still just a little guy and we would hang out while she was gone but he still napped and I was pretty busy with Em.  That has changed and I am really enjoying spending time with him (I mean, I loved spending time with him before but now it is more like big boy fun…).  He gets most of my attention and likes helping me with our work to be done during the day.  Giving up his nap coincided with school.  Often by 6 (or dinnertime) he is totally spent and has fallen asleep soon after…with the lights in his room still on.   But some days we curl up to read and snuggle and he begins to snooze:

Ollie snoozing



Lily, oh, Lily.  I miss you during the day!  I am so grateful you still have a spring in your step as you bound off the bus!  Lily's First Bus Ride

Last night Lily chose to read a book I got her when we found out we were going to have Oliver.  It is all about babies….so we read it.  She had many more questions last night than she did when she was 1-imagine that!  She is one bright 5 year old and I am going to have to be on my toes, ready with answers to all her questions in life 🙂


You Can’t Soar with the Eagles

If you are chasing turkeys through the woods….
That’s not the quote I quite remember but it is what we were doing this afternoon. Vegetation is dying back in the woods and this time of year is perfect for exploring without being overwhelmed by growing things. Ollie, Lily and I took the opportunity while Emmy slept to see what was happening down in the woods and at the creek. There was excitement right away as we startled three turkeys who ran off as quick as can be. One left a feather behind that Lily wanted to add to her collection (of things lying on her bedroom floor). Ollie brought back an acorn. Both were happy to jump around in the water and on the rocks.  I even captured a nice picture of both of them!IMG_2731


We all made it to gymnastics today! Let’s hear it for the Wellers! Way to go. Class is very early {Lily starts at 8:30} so Saturday morning has become our get up and go get ’em day. Even school starts later…
But we made it. Everyone was dressed. Everyone was fairly clean. Everyone was excited to be there.
It was Ollie’s very first class. Since Lily wanted Sam to watch her in the “big girl gym”, I took Ollie into the Jungle Gym. Free play begins the class. He wandered in and tried the ladder leaning on some mats-literally 2 inches off the ground. And he fell and hurt himself. This boy is such a sport, though. He got over it quickly and was off to climb on something new. He even went back and found success on the ladder.
It was nice to be out all together and then split up to get other things accomplished. The girls went to the craft store and the guys went to Lowes. We met back up at home and planted mums and played all afternoon.
…and, I am trying to be less attached to my phone so, sadly, there is no picture to show the first day of gym. Maybe next week I’ll remember…

Ollie the Love Bug

There is no great story or any picture tonight. Just home from our neighborhood picnic. A fun day. Especially since Ollie sought me out at least 3 times, got in real close and said, “Momma, I love {yove} you.” Then he was off again to play.



Our bird feeder is jumping. And Lily and Ollie are competent little bird watchers and namers. Mostly we see cardinals, blue jays, mourning doves and an occasional chipmunk. Today Lily asked about mourning doves–if the boy looks different than the girl. I told her I wasn’t sure, that I hadn’t noticed a difference. She said that she was pretty sure the girl doves are the same as the boys, just with eyelashes.  Mourning Doves

Sunshine! Spring!


IMG_2192 IMG_2187 IMG_2190 IMG_2186 IMG_2189 IMG_2185 IMG_2188 IMG_2191Our day was full of playing outside, blowing some bubbles, moving rocks from the garden and enough running around to exhaust two big kids.  It was a good day!  Thank you to the sun for making it a full day affair!!  We have missed you…


Jolly Ollie

Today=>on our way to nap

Ollie:  Momma, where is my mimi {pacifier}?  Where is it, Momma?

Me:  I don’t know Ol.  Where did you leave it?  What was on it? {blue bike?  penguin?  dog?}

Ollie:  Peanut butter and jelly.

He makes me smile.  What a literal 2 yo 🙂

Dr. Ollie with his favorite little sister patient

Dr. Ollie with his favorite little sister patient



Momma’s Little Helpers

I would like to recognize the hard work Lily and Ollie put in tonight at dinner. Or, rather, for dinner. Lately, I’ve been reading up on growing kids that feel part of a family, what that means, and the whole entitlement trap that is far too easy to fall into while raising them. Besides eliminating about 75% of their toys and not giving in to most requests at a store, I wanted to begin working with them on doing things for themselves-instead of relying on me or Sam to do something for them (of which they are capable or would be with some teaching). So to that end, Lily, especially, has been working with me at meals and with laundry. I thought it would be more work for me and for a bit I thought to not even try but we did and I am really glad. Yesterday she made the buttered noodles all by herself and tonight she made the salad and cheesy bread. Ollie set forks out on the table by himself. Earlier he helped put away his laundry. It’s baby steps but I think it will encourage and empower them to do for themselves (and others…namely, their family). They should be proud of their work!

Accumulating Snow

Shhhh….I got the kids snowpants for Christmas.  As evidenced by their lack of bundling and warm, snow outer clothes, these are needed.  I do love, however, that Lil had pink, sparkly shoes on to play in the inch and a half of snow we got last week.  And Ollie even kept his mittens on for much of the time.  When he took a taste of snow, the look on his face was one of shock.  Too cold!

IMG_1835 IMG_1838 IMG_1840