Good Buddy

Ollie is my little good buddy since Lily started school.  Last year he was still just a little guy and we would hang out while she was gone but he still napped and I was pretty busy with Em.  That has changed and I am really enjoying spending time with him (I mean, I loved spending time with him before but now it is more like big boy fun…).  He gets most of my attention and likes helping me with our work to be done during the day.  Giving up his nap coincided with school.  Often by 6 (or dinnertime) he is totally spent and has fallen asleep soon after…with the lights in his room still on.   But some days we curl up to read and snuggle and he begins to snooze:

Ollie snoozing



Lily, oh, Lily.  I miss you during the day!  I am so grateful you still have a spring in your step as you bound off the bus!  Lily's First Bus Ride

Last night Lily chose to read a book I got her when we found out we were going to have Oliver.  It is all about babies….so we read it.  She had many more questions last night than she did when she was 1-imagine that!  She is one bright 5 year old and I am going to have to be on my toes, ready with answers to all her questions in life 🙂


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