We all made it to gymnastics today! Let’s hear it for the Wellers! Way to go. Class is very early {Lily starts at 8:30} so Saturday morning has become our get up and go get ’em day. Even school starts later…
But we made it. Everyone was dressed. Everyone was fairly clean. Everyone was excited to be there.
It was Ollie’s very first class. Since Lily wanted Sam to watch her in the “big girl gym”, I took Ollie into the Jungle Gym. Free play begins the class. He wandered in and tried the ladder leaning on some mats-literally 2 inches off the ground. And he fell and hurt himself. This boy is such a sport, though. He got over it quickly and was off to climb on something new. He even went back and found success on the ladder.
It was nice to be out all together and then split up to get other things accomplished. The girls went to the craft store and the guys went to Lowes. We met back up at home and planted mums and played all afternoon.
…and, I am trying to be less attached to my phone so, sadly, there is no picture to show the first day of gym. Maybe next week I’ll remember…

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