You Can’t Soar with the Eagles

If you are chasing turkeys through the woods….
That’s not the quote I quite remember but it is what we were doing this afternoon. Vegetation is dying back in the woods and this time of year is perfect for exploring without being overwhelmed by growing things. Ollie, Lily and I took the opportunity while Emmy slept to see what was happening down in the woods and at the creek. There was excitement right away as we startled three turkeys who ran off as quick as can be. One left a feather behind that Lily wanted to add to her collection (of things lying on her bedroom floor). Ollie brought back an acorn. Both were happy to jump around in the water and on the rocks.  I even captured a nice picture of both of them!IMG_2731

Come One, Come All!

Lily has reached that industrious, entrepreneurial age: lemonade stand time. But I can’t figure out where she got the idea…we have never gone to one nor talked about it before. But that didn’t stop her today. Around 11 she came inside to ask for supplies and if I would help her find a suitable table to place her wares. I suggested also offering a snack and she agreed. There was leftover ice from our picnic yesterday so she could keep things cold. Of course, she had her own Lily twist on things. It was not a lemonade stand (I think she knew I would not leave her unattended with lemonade and she knew she wouldn’t have anything left to sell if I gave her lemonade…), so she called it her Water Stand. Water and granola bars for any and all takers.

At the end of the day she came shopping with me. She took the stroller, dressed McKenna in a sparkly number and traipsed around Target. There seemed to be a lot of 6-8 year old boys at Target and they all stared as she walked by like they couldn’t imagine what was going on. The girls we passed of the same age merely checked out the doll and kept going. It made me laugh.