Vulnerability, Shame, Joy and Gratitude

Do not be afraid….this is not a downer post. I’ve been missing my blog writing but the beautiful spring weather has kept us outside and when we do eventually come in (with all the ticks of the world following us inside), there’s meals to prepare, baths to give, books to read and HBO series to watch. No wonder I haven’t been on here. However, we have been doing some good things: planting butterfly gardens, digging in mulch, preparing for our yard sale, reading good books and going to church! Specifically I’ve been reading Daring Greatly by Brene Brown. It is pretty deep and I have been learning a lot….why we are a people more stressed out and numbed out than any group ever to have lived before. And what that stress reaction is doing to ourselves, our relationships and children. Not good stuff but what we can do is learn, re-learn, maybe?, how to be vulnerable and open. A terribly hard thing to do in a society bent on bullying, gossip, and one-ups-manship. So, for my kids and our family, I’m getting back on the gratitude train. And I haven’t decided where I’ll keep all my ramblings-whether here or a journal but thought I would share some things I’m grateful for today:

-Sam getting my coffee for me this morning with just the right amount of cream.
-2 of 3 kids going to gymnastics and haircuts.
-having time to make my way through clothes to be donated, consigned or just put away for another season.
-a rainy day to relax inside and let the grass grow.
-cuddly, clean, healthy kids.
-dar Williams on the radio.

That is all! Have a great Saturday! Xo

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