Daily Habits

I listened to an audio lecture right before going to bed last night. A daily practice was one of the topics covered; the lecturer chose to run each day of 2014 and had accomplished the goal! It seems that I am surrounded by this idea lately. Maybe it is what and who I am reading:
*A Writer’s Life in Brief (Julie Bogart blog)
*The Happier Home (Gretchen Rubin book)
*The Artful Parent (blog)
*The One Thing (Gary Keller book)
but all these resources have suggested choosing one thing to do each day. A daily practice. Arguing that it is easier to commit to a practice every day as opposed to, say, committing to do something 4x’s per week…

And I am considering what to do. If anything. Usually I feel I have a full plate.

I did find I had a huge lift when I blogged every day one November (2 years ago! Or maybe 3!!). It challenged me but also forced me to find all the good of my days. I recorded a huge amount about each kid and it is a snapshot of that time, available to me anytime I log on.

It has been on my mind-especially since I re-read some journal entries recently and realized that I didn’t remember the instances I wrote about, however sweet a memory it was. Memories I want to keep. My memory is short; some may say overloaded. Maybe it is my attention is short and scattered! In any case, I want to combat it.

What a bonus to keep and share those instances online! And extra bonus: that Sam or grandparents or I can check-in anytime to see what’s happening.

All this to say…you may be seeing more action in this space than you have in a long, long time!

Where does all the time go?

Is it hiding under the couch like so many toys?  In a closet?  I cannot accept that it has been an entire month and more since my last post. What am I doing??  I don’t know.  Certainly not making time to sit down and quietly write about our life with little people.  I have, however, been penning stuff on a legal pad before bed.  But it isn’t the same as “publishing” the highlights of our life.  Facebook isn’t the same-at all-although it does provide a nice reminder of what has been going on in a very limited way.  

*and there is the reminder of why I haven’t been blogging:  quiet play in the playroom, me at the kitchen counter, hopeful that everyone was okay.  Turns out Emmy had escaped, climbed the stairs, and was up in Ollie’s room.  When I asked either big kid where she was:  “I dunno.  Not here.”*

But we have been having a fun and staying busy (not healthy, sadly).  School and Halloween and afternoon playing and time change and a few grandparent visits.  I have tons of pictures to upload and hope to get on board with my month-long gratitude postings.  For right now, everyone is quietly, cooperatively playing and giving me a few moments to jot down these notes.  Small miracles.