All In A Day

Saturday, Saturday.  Usually you are tough.  You are long.  You are only filled with gymnastics.  You typically include three full meals for all people in the family.  Saturday, you wear me out.  But today.  Oh, today.  A stroke of genius.  GENIUS, I tell ya!

I FINALLY called the neighbor girl to come and play with the two big kids.  While I painted and Sam painted and Emmy napped.

This is what our day looked like:



Lily’s ensemble for the nighttime birthday party at her gymnastics place for her good friend, Cole. He’s four.


A knot on the noggin. This kid.


The kids’ bathroom will be a froggy green when the primer is dry. Today prime. Tomorrow rest my sore arms.

And, so, even though Ollie didn’t nap, that’s OKAY!  Everyone had a good day….thanks to a little help from a new friend!

Naptime Project

Let’s see if Sam notices.  I know Lily will when she gets home {little escapes her attention!}.  Just a little trial run for the color I would like the entry, foyer, and kitchen to be.  So far it is looking great-a nice cafe au lait. {official name:  Churchhill Hotel Maple} Even though it is snowing outside, I am feeling energized!  Woo Hoo!  Naptime!

IMG_2137 IMG_2139 IMG_2141