Hello Friday!

Boy, you brought surprises and delights as well as a silly disappointment. 

Lily rocked out math and copy work and dictation. She felt revived by her clean room. She showed Gramma Lissa all her new chapter books of which she is so proud to be able to read. 

Ollie knows his animals but did you know Jane Goodall named two chimps Olly and William?  He didn’t either but he loves that fact.  African animal study is right up his alley!

Emmy was such a precious good girl and brought my new phone to let everyone see…but we told her no, she shouldn’t touch it. She went from beaming to little chin wiggling to keep from crying. She is such a helper. We felt terrible. 

Fortunately, I got to the mall for a new phone, newt shirts and a swimsuit. Unfortunately, my car battery is dead. Fortunately, Lissa let me borrow her car. TGIF!

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