Holy Cat and Duckie–They are Cute!

What a FABULOUS Halloween!

Hobart Street had a little get-together starting at 5 for all families.  Pizza, goodies, piñata and lots and lots of costumes-kids and adults.  Lily got a good couple of swings at the piñata but had less luck getting anything from it as the big kids were a little bit faster.  She did manage to get a couple of tattoos and a nice eyeball ring she gave to me.  🙂  She and Sam set off going house to house and Ollie and I headed back across the street to hand out candy and go to sleep.  
At one point, there was such a din coming from our street it was like we lived in the middle of a city.  Seriously.  There were tons and tons of kids.  None quite as cute as mine, though.  You have to admit…those two are totally huggable.  Oh my gosh.  

Lily returned with a nicely filled bag of goodies, got to choose one piece to eat before bed and is now watching some Curious before heading up to bed.  
I gotta say, and Sam agrees, I love being their mommy (dada).  Especially on a night like tonight where they are lit up with excitement and new experiences.

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