Pennsylvania Fun…for Two Weeks!

I don’t know if we are up for another two week long adventure any time soon, but we sure had fun while we were in Pennsylvania.  There was so much playing, visiting, partying, woods-walking and tractor riding, it was hard to say goodbye.  It was hard to get enough sleep. 🙂  Both kids were troopers, though and we had a great time (even though it rained an awful lot and was super hot–until it wasn’t and then it was cold!)  Hopefully, it won’t be very long (fingers-crossed) until we return.  Nearly every single day we traveled to a new place.  Ollie isn’t too fond of his carseat since we got back home.  Perhaps there was too much running around?!?  

Lily showed great empathy towards the groundhog Gramma Hurley tried to capture.  When the small one was trapped, in the barn, after eating many carrots and much peanut butter, Lily told everyone that it was going to join its family down by the river and that it was a little sad to be in a cage.  Every morning and night the trap was checked and there were many different things caught (raccoon, feral cat)…none of them the grand groundhog. As of this writing, the thing is still alluding Mom.  <sigh>
Ollie at French Creek playground

He always looks like he is having the very best time, doesn’t he? 

Gramma/Great-Gramma celebrated her 89th birthday!  

We went to Becky’s… 
where Anna and Lily disappeared 
only to appear dressed a little differently than we expected. 
Robeson Elementary playground 
Can you feel the Love?

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