Cuckoo Cuckoo

Some nights it feels like crazy o’clock before everything finds it way to being “done”.  Even though we have a routine, there is time built in for just being cuckoo.  On this particular evening, Oliver was in bed, the kitchen was clean, and the only thing left to do was tuck Lily in and read some books.  I was attempting to hustle her upstairs {QUIETLY!} because O sometimes wakes at the slightest noise, it seems to me, but as I came down the hall, what did I happen upon but a big girl up the stairs…


You amaze me with your ever expanding fearlessness.  For a girl who used to sit back and observe, you sure have grown into a Girl Adventure.  I love it.  It is fun watching you get into situations that are new and need figuring out.  In this case, coming back down was not as easy as going up.  I’m happy you still need my help 🙂 

                 xoxox Momma

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