Not in Kansas Anymore

Your heart kind of stops when you are in the car for a quick errand and the radio blasts out an Emergency Broadcast signal warning you of a tornado in the area.  Add to that a quick buzz on the phone with the same alert (only this one said the tornado was MY area…dang, GPS!).  As I listened and oriented myself, I realized it was an area NW from where I was driving, but still, unnerving.  Especially since I was just explaining to someone the other day that Pittsburgh was an area with extremely low incidents of natural disasters.  :-/

And here’s another example of things taking you by surprise–but this was a great one!  While eating dinner, our lovely daughter, Lily, told me to stay in my seat and keep eating, she would get up and bring some more chicken to her sister.  Sam and I shot each other a look like, “Whoa, cool!”.  Way to make our night, Lily-girl!

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