I fail and I fail and I fail some more.  This is what I do as a mother.  But I keep trying.  Because that’s all you can do.  I try to love enough,

play enough,

feed enough,

correct enough,

hug enough,

talk enough,

encourage enough,

relax enough,

watch enough,

guide enough,

bathe enough,

direct enough,

tramp enough,

splash enough,

move enough,

smile enough,

do everything just right.

And so when, in the quiet of bedtime, Ollie says that he is sorry he didn’t listen to me earlier, I get down and cradle his hairy little head and whisper to him how much I love him, how I want him to grow up and be a super human and save the world with his kind little heart.  He reminds me that it is all enough, what we do day to day, minute to minute, as long as we do the best we know how.  We are all just enough and that is perfect.

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