Going Going

While last weekend was all about getting a move on and celebrating accomplishments, this weekend has been uneventful and quiet (save for the kids running around inside…it rained all day).  I love a great adventure and places to be but it has been so nice to sit still and watch or listen to the kids keep busy.  Today it was perler beads and Legos (which I learned is actually just LEGO, singular or plural).  And lots of books.  My throat is being soothed by a big cup of tea right now.  We are gearing up for an exciting (!!!!) Father’s Day but we don’t have to be anywhere tomorrow, either.  Ahhhh.  I do hope the sun shines.

Just A Tuesday

  • These kids respond well to a schedule, let me tell you.  We are up and eating breakfast, cleaning up and emptying dishes without complaint, getting dressed and ready to roll for the day by 9!  They are rocking it!
  • Laundry works best when diapers aren’t a part of the load.  Grrr.  Three rinses later…
  • We love summer.  We love summer inside or out.  We love summer because:

IMG_4193 FullSizeRender-1 FullSizeRender-2

Riddle Me This

Ollie shared the results of a scientific inquiry he conducted sometime in the last few weeks.  His findings indicate that what he imagined was incorrect.  He discovered that it doesn’t taste like lemon or water.

What was he doing?


Summertime hit in a big way this weekend with end of school and graduation picnics.  And while I have a hard time with treats all day long, between the heat and racing around (seriously, how do kids run like the blazes playing tag when the air is so thick?), I think the sugar evaporated from their little bodies along with the sweat.  

The girls went for a walk with me this morning and Lily brought books.  Books.to.read!!  And she read them all!  The struggle between promoting love of reading and cajoling practice is a fine line I walk around here.  Could the magic of words be starting to cast their spell over her?  Time will tell!

Meanwhile, Ollie is a conversationalist and connisour of all things Rescue Bots. He talks about these cartoons as though they are his friends.  I try to listen with more than half my attention😃 every time.