Summertime hit in a big way this weekend with end of school and graduation picnics.  And while I have a hard time with treats all day long, between the heat and racing around (seriously, how do kids run like the blazes playing tag when the air is so thick?), I think the sugar evaporated from their little bodies along with the sweat.  

The girls went for a walk with me this morning and Lily brought books.!!  And she read them all!  The struggle between promoting love of reading and cajoling practice is a fine line I walk around here.  Could the magic of words be starting to cast their spell over her?  Time will tell!

Meanwhile, Ollie is a conversationalist and connisour of all things Rescue Bots. He talks about these cartoons as though they are his friends.  I try to listen with more than half my attentionšŸ˜ƒ every time.  

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