Sun Streaming Thru the Window


My favorite Wee baby girl and I are sitting in the kitchen while the 2 bigger Wees watch something.  She is enjoying some pureed pears…that makes her fourth food trial.  Bananas, apples, sweet potatoes, and pears.  Emmeline gets more round, more talkative, more independent each day.  That she is sitting and amusing herself is both terribly awesome and terribly terrible.  Its has happened each time with each baby; that moment you realize how fast time has flown and how you can’t do anything about it–the growing up.  {sigh}  Especially with this girl since there is tons going on all around her with two bigs and because she is my last baby.  She is such a love, though, and so chubby and cuddly and, quite frankly, delightful.  Even in the middle of the night with her hoarse little cry that I try to ignore.   

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