All for One, One for All

Three Wees = Three Pieces of News:

Wee#1:  {as posted by Sam on FB}  Daughter singing into the fan in our bedroom to hear her voice changing…making up lyrics as she goes along:

Havin’ a hard time with my mom…I said ‘Dada’, come play with me…I love you so much…yeah… {in the style of Janis or Sheryl)

Wee#2:  Put a vaseline-like ointment in his hair thinking it was Sam’s stuff.  Another night of a hot bath and multiple washes in his future.  Red stamp pad all over hands-and face-and counter-and clothes-and one and on and on.  Arts and crafts and dinner prep are not making friends.

Wee#3:  Cutting teeth.  One has come thru, the other is on its way.  Little sleep.  Much drool. But really, really cute!

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