Just About Me

This isn’t some report about the kids.  Its all about me today.  Because no one took naps today (not even Miss Emmeline), there were some tantrums and crying (none of which was Sam or me) and now two out of three are still up there making noise.  Both girls.  But I am ignoring them like a modern day mom.  Because this is all about me…

So I was changing Em today and I started singing to her {this}

And it got me thinking.  Of all the gifts my parents gave us, one that I am very thankful for is that they let us stay up to watch Saturday Night Live.  So that even if we were fighting or the boys were in a terrible teasing mode {or I was in one of my pleasant teenage girl moods}, we could always fall back on recreating one of the skits during dinner.  And after all this time, it still never gets old!  I want to be able to give my kids something like that-a shared language/memories-that allow them to know they belong to the same clan.

I guess that’s all.  I set out to have a great long philosophical entry but I kinda just want to watch the season finale of Downton Abbey now.  I will leave you with this…it reminds me of  high school dances, college parties and single girl nights.

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