I’m Back!

Sheesh–It has been almost a full month of sickness around here.  Emmy started medicine for an ear infection on December 7th, after having a cold for a week.  She has recovered and no complaints of pain but she is still in need of solid sleep.  Ollie is on his way to recovery; only a cough remains for him.  Today was the first day I woke up and felt like I might be getting better and save for a cold and the need for sinus medicine, I think I will be okay from here.  No terrible coughing fits, awful headaches, and lethargy.  However, today was the first day that poor Lily woke up with red eyes and fever and a severe cough; Sam also has the beginnings of a sore throat and sinus cold.  So we aren’t out of the woods yet but at least only one adult went down at a time!  Whew.

In spite of the sickness, in a weird way, it was an enjoyable week.  Completely low-key with lots of tv and movies and me sitting around more than I have in years.  We read lots of books and played most of our new games.  And we did it all without anyone else.  I needed a break and although it took feeling terrible to get it, I got one.

And now we move on to 2016…before I start going on about what worked in 2015 and what I am looking forward to in 2015, I thought a look back at the blog stats would be fun.  Here’s the link if you want to check it out:

Annual Report: 3littlewees

Looks like I got 354 blog post in 2015 but I started blogging DAILY on January 7, 2015, so if I blog each day from now until then, I will have 362 total blog posts for the year of daily blogging!  Pretty incredible!  I can hardly believe it.  Although I missed some days, I made up many posts by doubling up on other days…and the past few days when I was out sick, well, I guess those were made up, too.  I’m pretty darn impressed with myself!  So-see you tomorrow in 2016.  I’ll share my word of the year (ahem-because I am still deciding between a slew of them!).  BTW, FYI, last year’s word was EXPLORE and I think I accomplished that in both big and little ways.


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