What Worked in 2015

  • a blog a day
  • art projects for kids
  • walking in the mornings before school
  • our summertime
  • travel to Birdsboro early in the summer
  • read aloud time first in our school day
  • the Yes/No sign for neighbors
  • going out to eat as a family (just recently)
  • walks with friends instead of going out
  • pre-planning spending and using cash
  • hot tea at night instead of wine (much improved sleep!)
  • spiral notebook planning for school
  • a stopover on our flight to and from CA
  • leaving kids for a few days 🙂
  • chicken and rice in any iteration

Now…for what didn’t work:

  • running errands wily-nily; many days I felt like I was running without a plan in place
  • booking our Wednesdays
  • allowing play in the basement without guidelines
  • negotiating with a 3 year old
  • trying to sneak in gym workouts without a plan

I’m still deciding on my word of the year.  It is hard this year because I know how I would like it to look and how I want to feel and what I will choose to focus on but not how to sum it up in one word.  Mostly, I would endeavor to:

  • NURTURE my relationships especially working on listening
  • BE STILL for some time each day instead of the usual go-go-go
  • ELIMINATE the unnecessary in my schedule, day, house, diet
  • learn to really feel the ENOUGH point in life
  • focus on the ESSENTIAL of my day to day that then nourish myself and those around me.

so, you know, not very ambitious or anything.  I am sure if I continue to ponder this I will find a word just comes to me that encapsulates the whole darn thing…until then, a list!


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